Designed Health with Tamra

  • You want to make changes, but can’t imagine trying to add yet another thing to your jam-packed life
  • You eat healthy for a whole day (or even a whole week!) but then find yourself completely derailing when feeling overwhelmed and stressed
  • You’re done making excuses, but also afraid you’ll start something only to fail. Again.
  • You’re afraid that being fit will mean you’ll have to give up everything fun and enjoyable
  • You wish you could just go to your closet, throw anything on and feel GOOD
  • You don’t have to remain stuck. And I’m here to get you started.

    A 30 Day Challenge

    A no-nonsense health and fitness overhaul that will break through all the fears and self-limiting beliefs that have held you back so that you FEEL and LOOK amazing!



    I’m not a live-at-the-gym, obsess-over-numbers, can’t-eat-anything-but-salad girl. I HAVE learned how to break bad stress-eating habits, stick to a workout routine for more than a couple weeks, and make living a fit life FUN and SIMPLE.

    I initially went down FIVE sizes in my fave pair of Express jeans, but more importantly, I have been going strong since then- almost 4 years now!

    I can show YOU how it’s possible to break through self-limiting beliefs, follow a simple food and exercise routine that eliminates guesswork and will give you results, and have a body you feel really good in!

    Just imagine yourself in 30 days…

    • You OWN your closet and feel amazing in every outfit you grab
    • You feel the effect of your new healthy changes in your waist, your skin, your energy levels, your more positive inner voice- EVERYWHERE!
    • Friends and co-workers compliment you and ask how you do it!
    • Fitness is no longer a mystery or just something for ‘other’ people. You feel empowered to live the life you been wanting.
    • You’re loving the person you’re becoming! You’re learning your strengths and seeing what you’re capable of while speaking and treating yourself with more kindness.

    My Total Fitness Solution is so much more than workouts— 

    It’s a long-term solution and teaches a lifestyle of health and fitness that is simple and sustainable. 

    Perfectly suited to your needs

    With over 50 workout programs (over 700 workouts) to choose from, you’ll find the perfect plan for each stage of your fitness journey.

    Whether you are wanting to lift heavy and build gains, or need something low impact for your bad knees, there are programs ranging from Beginner to Extreme levels, so you’ll be challenged even while you meet your individual needs. There are also modifiers shown during the workouts if you need them, even in the Intermediate to Extreme workouts.

    You’ll find a large variety of Cardio, Dance, Yoga, Weights, Bootcamp, and more. There’s even a Kids & Family category, to get the entire crew involved.

    No more boredom, plateaus or guesswork

    With new content added regularly at no extra charge! you eliminate boredom or plateaus.

    Each workout program was created by an expert fitness trainer and comes with a step-by-step guide and workout calendar to eliminate all guesswork. They include several full-length workouts, with a trainer leading you through the entire routine, giving instructions and tips. It’s like having your own personal trainer, wherever and whenever you want.

    The world is your gym and it’s always open!

    With 24/7 streaming you can workout anytime, anywhere.

    Work out anywhere you have an internet connection: at home, at the gym, outdoors, even on vacation.

    Instantly stream any workout to your laptop, tablet, or smartphone, or even your TV using Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Chromecast.  Stream direct via webiste or download the app for iPhone and iPad within the Apple App Store.

    Simple and effective nutrition

    You will have a rainbow container system that teaches a lifestyle of healthy eating. NO MORE dieting, weighing food or counting calories. With the Portion Fix you’ll learn how much YOUR body needs of each food group, while still allowing for occasional indulgences like wine or chocolate.

    There are numerous resources to make good nutrition SIMPLE.  Meal plans, step-by-step meal prep instructions and grocery lists.  Your subscription includes a cooking show with new recipes added weekly, including kid-friendly meals, desserts and even cocktails. Plus, there are foundational videos, like setting up a healthy pantry, to help you get started.

    Your secret weapon

    The nutrition plan also comes with a one month supply of Shakeology. This is a delicious and convenient way to get over 70 whole food based ingredients to equip your body to deal with stress, give you natural energy and get rid of cravings.  Drink it whenever you need it most- as a quick breakfast, a post-workout refuel, a substitute for fast food, an afternoon pick-me-up, or an after dinner dessert.  After the one month supply is gone, YOU decide if you want to continue it.

    Personal and Group support

    I will be available to personally help you with whatever you need, every step of the way. You’ll also have a fun online fitness community to plug into for support and motivation. I check in daily and provide ongoing inspiration and resources to keep you going strong.

    I work hard to ensure everyone I work with succeeds. You will have the opportunity to work through limiting beliefs and unhealthy habits that sabotage your own efforts with my Preparing your Mindset videos. I believe that fitness and health begins in the mind and then flows outward into our behavior, so I encourage my clients to read books like Compound Effect to start making the little daily changes that bring MASSIVE results.

    • UNLIMITED access to ALL workouts
    • EVERY nutrition plan, including a cooking show with an incredible library of meals and snacks for every occasion and every day life
    • The rainbow portion container system
    • IMMEDIATE access to brand new workout/nutrition programs AS SOON as they launch
    • Access from ANY device, ANY time (Amazon Fire, Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, your phone, tablet or laptop)
    • One month supply of Shakeology
    • Accountability and support in my private online VIP group where we show up every day for fun, motivation, meal ideas, and mini challenges with prizes


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