Fit Food Challenge

When it comes to losing the struggle to eat healthier, the most common struggles are

  1. long work hours and being constantly on the go making eating healthy difficult
  2. giving into junk food cravings, especially late at night
  3. just frustrated with all the different diets and sick of it all!!!

What if you could learn SIMPLE shortcuts and DOABLE daily habits to make eating well a lot easier?

What if you had a secret weapon that helped you with cravings?

What if you had a solution to avoid the fast food trap?

And what if it all had a full money back guarantee??

People who have been in my Fit Food Challenge have said goodbye to

5-10 inches and between 7 to 20 pounds!

My Fit Food Challenge is a fun way to lose weight, gain useful tips you’ll use the rest of your life and win some prizes along the way!

In my Fit Food Challenge, you’ll receive

  • delicious recipes perfect for this cozy time of year that will keep you slim and energetic!


  • access to complete meal plans with matching shopping lists!


  • membership to a fun fit community for new ideas and daily motivation!


  • a delicious daily “fast food” that’s full of dense nutrition and super foods. This is not a diet drink, and there aren’t any chemicals or anything artificial in it. It’s simply whole food nutrition – with enzymes, fiber, phytonutrients, adaptogenic herbs and so on- to help your body function more optimally. More energy, improved digestion, less cravings!


  • one-on-one nutrition coaching with me! I am in the process of completing my certification in food mindset and weight loss, and will work directly with you at NO extra cost!



These are just some of the prizes you will have the opportunity to win!

Tribe Premium Resistance Bands

Fit Fresh JAXX Lunch Bag

Spiralizer Vegetable Slicer

Bath Bombs Gift Set

Yes, I’m ready to STOP the dieting craziness and EAT for fuel and health!

Just $129.95 for lifelong changes

  • Add access to thousands of workouts for an entire YEAR! Streaming exercise app includes everything- weight training, yoga, dance, bootcamp- that you can do at home or the gym, at ANY time!

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