I need to eat healthier.

“Eat healthy.” um, wth does that even mean, forreal.

That could be defined so many different ways- It could mean you want to eat more vegetables (but how much more?) or it could mean you want to eat less carbs (but how much less and what kind of carbs?) or it could mean you will just buy “Lean Cuisine” and call it good (but do you even ingredient label, bro?) “Eating healthy” makes my eyes roll so far back in my head. It’s too general and won’t lead to any changes.

I especially see the frustration with ppl who are working out consistently – they are told by whoever to just “eat healthy” and, if they ask for more guidance, get something like, “Eat more whole foods and less junk food.” Well, duh. If really pressed, they might be told something like, “Track your macros on MFP” or “Try Paleo.” Ok, but what’s the first step? How do you break that down into manageable pieces??

We all “know” what eating healthy is- it’s not like a big mystery. It’s very simple. But it’s not easy and keeping it this big, vague “thing” is not doable or helpful. Like, I am not going to weigh all my food or try to figure out the numbers for every single bite I put in my mouth. That’s a one-way ticket to crazy town for me. I can’t do too vague, but I won’t do too specific, either.

I’m all about turning “eating healthy” into a real plan.

The tools I use allow me to know exactly what to eat and how much. AND it’s perfectly geared to my preferences, MY body type, my exercise level, and my lifestyle. And my clients use them for THEIRS.

Body type and current stats –> workout program (or activity level) –> Goal (maintain or lose) –> Lifestyle (vegetarian, vegan, paleo, gluten free, etc) –> BAM.
= weekly and daily meal plans, grocery lists, recipes, and tracking.

It’s that simple. 

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