Sample Portion Fix Meal Planning

How much should you be eating of each food group to reach your fitness goals, based on your current weight and lifestyle?

Submit your current weight, lifestyle, goals and 2 days of your current typical meals in the guide below and I will respond with a sample meal plan based on the Portion Fix system!

No counting calories or tracking macros. No starving or dieting. This system makes eating healthy so simple, doable and effective, it is easy to make it a lifestyle.

  • Please enter a number from 90 to 500.
  • To determine many calories you typically burn in a day, choose one of the following
  • If you work out, determine your maintenance calories by choosing one of the following
  • Do you want to lose/maintain your weight or GAIN weight?
  • yes, that includes that handful of m&m's
  • yes, that includes that handful of m&m's